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How Does our allergy treatments work?
We treat allergy and sensitivity using the Bax AURA system. The best way to describe the treatment and how the system works is by comparing it to an out of tune piano. This machine tunes the body to be in-tune. First the procedure is non-invasive. (No needles involved) Every substance that your body comes in contact with gives off a frequency. The Bax uses the frequencies to detect if you have a reaction to certain frequencies. We then take this data and put it in a low light laser. The laser is then used to activate certain areas of the body. This retrains your body to interpret the frequency that was causing the allergic reaction to become normal. An allergic reaction is also know as a stress on the body.

How long does it take to be treated with the Bax-Aura system? It takes around 10 sessions to complete our basic allergy protocol. The reason for this is it test 5-10,000 different things. The body can only handle so much testing and treating at one time. So yes it takes time. It is like peeling an onion back a layer at a time.

What causes the body to get out of tune? We have found that sometimes it is caused by stress or by a traumatic event. I can remember that I never had allergy problems when I was younger. In the last 10 years I have had several different events that change my life. This means that there is an emotional component to allergic reaction.

How does this compare to taking over-the-counter medication? Over the counter medication for allergies treat by reducing the body's natural response of anti-histamine. The Bax treatments with laser therapy treats at the cellular level.

Are there other things that can be treated with the Low-light laser therapy? Yes, there is numerous things: Pain, Stop smoking, and Sleep are a few conditions that have benefited from this type of treatment with incredible results. There is literally hundreds of conditions that have had positive results.

Can I continue to take allergy medication with these Laser treatments? Yes, these laser treatments will not cross react with any other medications. But, We can't take you off of medications that we didn't put you on in the first place. You will find as you go through our protocol that you may need less of regular allergy medication.

How many times do we have to do the basic ten sessions? Once, after clearing out the sensitivity problems it is very rare for them to return.

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