Do I Need To See A Chiropractor?

Do I Need To See A Chiropractor?

by Justin Phillips, D.C.

Do I need to see a Chiropractor? This is a question I get asked everywhere I go.The simple answer is yes you do. I tell people  “If it has a spine, it needs to be adjusted and maintained for proper function.” I have noticed in the past few years that animal chiropractic care has became a big part of horse roping and barrel racing.  People that own horses have realized the performance difference in a horse that has been under chiropractic care and  one that has been chiropracticly neglected. The same analogy can be related to the human spine. Research and observation have revealed  people that maintain their spines with proper chiropractic care are healthier, feel better, and miss less daysof work due to sickness or illnesses. How do you know if you need to see a chiropractor? Few symptoms can reveal if chiropractic care is needed. If you have pain in the  spinal region,  leg or arm pain isjust one of the symptoms. A saying  I hear quite often, “ Dr. Phillips it feels like muscle pain or a pulled muscle”. The truth is, a vertebrae being misaligned or out of place can cause a nerve to be pinched and muscle spasms to become present to protect the area of misalignment.  If it feels like muscle pain or a pulled muscle then most likely there is a misalignment of the spine that is causing muscle pain. If you are involved in sports or strenuous activity can also be another reason to seek chiropractic care. It is very important to maintain your spine when you are hard on your body. Most spinal problems that present as chronic or long time problems are the one sthat started when the person was involved in high school sports or injured at a younger age and never had the problem corrected or examined As a chiropractor I work on several types of problems that deal with the muscle-skeletal system. Also if a patient presents with a problem that I am not the answer for we will make the proper referral.After all getting the patient better is our main goal.

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